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The 12 Zodiac Sign Meanings

Posted by Alice Young on Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 1 Comments

The signs of the zodiac are often discussed as a guide to someone’s personality and a way of knowing when they were born. There has been some debate about the exact dates for the signs of the zodiac but most people find that they fit their personal zodiac sign very well.


The Aries sign is often associated with red, as it has the element of fire, the ruling planet of Mars and the ruby stone. The Aries sign is the ram and it represents the determination and strength of the person behind it. An Aries personality is one that recognizes their place in the universe and knows what it takes to live life to the fullest.


The Taurus sign is associated with the Bull and element of Earth. They are very grounded individuals who weigh all important decisions carefully. The Taurus personality is focused deeply on personal security and the security of the ones they care deeply for. They will do what it takes to protect themselves, including sacrificing any relationships with the potential to hurt them.


Gemini is ruled by Mercury and as the symbol of the twins. Gemini’s are very focused on intelligence and using their minds. Gemini individuals love to communicate and will often be talkative and quick witted. Gemini are also about embracing life and having vitality throughout their life even into old age, they will always stay the same vibrant individual.


The Cancer sign is the water sign which matches the malleable and adaptive personality of the Cancer individual. Driven by their emotions, Cancers are there to nurture and care for others, but they are likely to react emotionally to situations without thinking them through. They are willing to overlook logic and rationally in order to focus on what they feel.


The Leo is ruled by the sun and their bright, vibrant personality perfectly matches the sun. They are the perfect combination of mind and heart. They are generous and caring individuals who want others to be the same. Leos are loyal and they love to entertain, which makes them great companions and friends.


Virgos are the perfectionists, they want everything to be a certain way and nothing can come in the way of that. They are interesting individuals with analytical minds. They want to manage their time properly while still doing everything to the best of their ability. However, Virgos can be artistic and focused on serving the community.


Libras are a balance between passion and intellect. They thrive on having that strong connection with a special person in their life. They are also known for their physical energy and stamina. They are ruled by the planet Venus and therefore they are able to recognize beauty in all things.


Scorpios have the water element and yet they are ruled by the planet Mars, creating a personality that is cool and aloof on the outside but warm and passionate within. Scorpio’s have a strong connection with emotions and therefore they have a better understanding of human emotions than most. They are also known for their competitive nature and their inner and outer strength.


Sagittarius individuals are known for their optimism and friendly attitude. They are also known as the luckiest sign which accounts for their optimism and their willingness to take certain risk. Sagittarius is a very intellectual sign and will be very factual but also ready to set high goals and high expectations.


Capricorns are very determined and they are willing to work hard for what they want. They believe in following the rules and are very conventional. They are very proper in their behavior but they are also warm and friendly individuals. They prefer firm and solid plans and goals that have definite outcome rather than big airy goals that may involve risk.


The Aquarius sign is the revolutionary. They have their own opinion and way of living life and they will not allow anyone else to control them. They are very social and will often have a great number of friends, which they enjoy more than making money. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which leads to a very forward thinking personality.


Pisces is considered to be the final evolution of the zodiac signs and features a high level of spirituality. They are very sensitive and caring individuals who will always take time to help another. Because of their spiritual nature they rely on their emotions and intuition to make decisions rather than thinking things through.

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There's a book called The Birthday Book' don't know who wrote it .it dbiersecs the people born on each of the days in the year. So there's a description for someone born on the 13th of April, 5th of May etc It's a really good book tells you about the person's personality, strengths/weaknesses etc.Maybe you can have a look in the library or bookshop. That will give you some insight.

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