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Love Psychics Vs Relationship Therapists

Posted by Cindy Stephens on Thursday, December 13, 2012 - No Comments

When it comes to relationships, there is no doubt that they take work and there can be problems that arise. Some couples choose to go see a relationship therapist to try and get to the root fo their problems and others may choose to visit a love psychic. But which is more effective and which can help to move past the problems faster?

Love Psychics Offer a Shortcut

When two people are in a relationship and they are struggling to make things work, it is rare that either person is willing to be completely upfront and honest about their part in the problem. Sometimes neither person really knows what the root of the issue is and what they can do to fix it. A relationship therapist will take the time to talk to both parties to try and get them to open up about the problem. This can take a great deal of time to get both parties to not only admit their share of the blame but to see what is really causing the strife within the relationship.

A love psychic can skip these exploratory sessions where couples are not completely honest or where they are trying to find out what the real problem is. A love psychic will be able to see these problems right away and be able to let the couple know what is really causing them to fight. If there is distrust in the relationship or issues with communication, the psychic will see this right away and be able to tell the couple what is preventing their relationship from growing.

Psychic Readers Offer Valuable Insight

When it comes to a bad relationship or one that has simply lost its way, the people in the relationship may have lost themselves as well. A love psychic is able to be that stranger that the couple can open up to, while also being able to get an intimate connection with the couple to be able to see who they really are. The love psychic will remind the couple of who they were before they started to have problems and see what has caused them to change.

Knowing that they can still be the strong, confident and independent people they were before their relationship went sour, can be invaluable in improving the relationship. The psychic will also tell both people that they need to nurture themselves as well as the relationship, and understand that they need to be the person they want to be, regardless of the relationship.

It is hard to get this sort of insight and confidence, from a relationship therapist because they will not be able to see who each person was before the relationship started to go bad. They will not be able to get a clear picture of what each person loves about the other, so that they can draw on that to rebuild the relationship.

Both love psychics and therapists want to get their clients to a place where both the individuals and the relationship is healthy and happy. However, with the added information that the love psychic has they can quickly offer personal and deep observations and advice.

When to Choose the Help of a Relationship Therapist

There are times when the problems within the relationship are very deep and they do require the help and expertise of a relationship therapist. However, the couple can still benefit from a visit to a love psychic because they will be able to get to the heart of the matter and the true feelings of each person. This is information that they can bring to the therapist to help with their treatment and to give them the strength to continue fighting for the relationship.

A love psychic may even recommend visits to a relationship therapist if they believe that the relationship can reach a happy and positive place. There are times when the psychic reader will see that the relationship is unlikely to reach that happy place and may tell the couple that couples therapy is their only chance of building a relationship that will benefit everyone.

A relationship therapist does have a wider skill set for how to deal with and work through deep issues within a relationship and this is the better option when the couple needs long term help. Simple issues and small problems within relationships can be easily discerned and solved with the help of a love psychic. Love psychics are very in tune with emotions and can therefore offer very useful advice in solving relationship issues that are relatively minor.


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