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Review of Oranum Psychics

Posted by John Abraham on Thursday, December 13, 2012 - No Comments

Oranum is an online psychic source that offers webcam readings from a wide variety of psychics. The psychics remain available when not in a private reading to answer any questions or just to chat. The site does have a members section that allows clients to set up a sign on name and purchase credits in order to pay for readings.

Because is open to a wide range of psychics, nearly every type of reading imaginable is on offer. However, this does mean that there are some fake psychics or illegitimate ones who do not offer the best service. While all of the psychics perform webcam readings, it is not required that you have a webcam, the whole process can be done with you typing in questions if necessary.

Oranum originated in Poland in2010 and made their way to the U.S. in April of 2011. They are the first webcam psychic service available and have already gained a wide following in both Poland and the U.S.

Types of Readings Offered

Because Oranum is open to nearly any type of psychic reading the sky is the limit. From tarot readings to straight psychic readings to magic readings, there is something for everyone. There may also be types of readings that you have not even heard of as several psychics have very unique ways of accessing their intuitive powers. This allows you to try out several different types of readings to see what works for you and then you can stick with the same psychic once you find a type of reading that you enjoy.

Reviews from Customers

Most of the reviews on Oranum focus on specific psychics available on the site. From the reviews there is a wide mix in the quality of psychics, so it is important to take advantage of the free chat option to gauge the quality of the reader. Reviews of the site itself rave about the video chat functionality as a great way to get a private reading right from home and for a very affordable price. Many say that the video chat is much better than phone readings, and will not go back to readings over the phone.

The features of the site are another highlight in the reviews, with customers thrilled that they can get email alerts for when their favorite psychics are available. The ease of the website is another selling point in the reviews.

The downside in the reviews regards the customer service and some of the practices of the site. Many believe that negative reviews for individual psychics are removed and that customer service does not live up to their claims. The website has no phone customer service so everything is done by email and many have stated long waits for replies and an inability to get refunds when needed.

Usability of the Site

The web site is very easy to use and get started with right away. You get an instant look at how the webchat works and you can get to asking questions of the psychics without even signing up as a member. This is invaluable for weeding out any potentially bad readers and it really gets you excited about getting a reading done.

The screening process for psychics does not seem to be very precise as there is a significant number of bad psychics on the site. However, they are outnumbered by the quality advisors on the website. The site does require that you purchase credits before speaking to a psychic and each one is allowed to charge their own price. Often the price has little relationship to the quality of the psychic.

The customer service aspect seems to be the weakest part of the site. Getting information about the company or their customer service practice is not easy for the casual user. They claim that they will respond to any emails within 24 hours, but reviews have suggested that it can take longer.


The prices for the psychics range from $.99 a minute to up to $5.99 or higher a minute. Sometimes individual psychics will offer specials for a limited time but the site does not offer any special deals. There are no coupons or discounts available even for new members. The best bet is to simply find a psychic that seems worth the price they are charging, which may involve taking the time to talk to them. The site does offer refunds if you are unsatisfied with a reading but several reviewers have started that it can be difficult to get the refund.


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