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Clairaudient Psychics

Posted by Cindy Stephens on Friday, December 14, 2012 - No Comments

There are many ways that an individual can be psychic. Not all psychics experience their gifts the same way. While one psychic might "see" their message of visions, another might "hear" them. One of the more common forms of psychic ability is called Clairaudience. People who experience their psychic abilities in a clairaudient manner are able to "hear" things that others cannot.

Clairaudient psychics are able to receive information through hearing, or listening. Unlike other psychic forms they don't necessarily see things or feel things, but rather they hear messages through words or vocal cues. The word clairaudient actually means 'clear of hearing' and often the voices that these psychics hear are words from their own guardians, guides, or angles, but they could also be from spirits, ghosts, or discarnate beings.

There are actually two types of Clairaudient abilities;

  • Inner Hearing - People with this gift are able to hear messages from an inner source. It is a process of going within and hearing within their minds or spirits. They then use their own intuition to determine what these messages might actually mean.
  • Outer Hearing - People with this gift are able to hear message delivered from an outside source beyond their own source. This source could be from ghosts, spirits, guides, or angels. No interpretation of the messages is needed because the clairvoyant can hear exactly what the messages are.

Getting a Clairaudient Reading

Clairaudient psychics are able to help people who need to hear messages from another source than their own internal wisdom. Since these psychics are able to tap into, or listen to, another level of reality; they can truly help those who need direction. If you feel like a spirit or guide is trying to contact you, but you aren't sure what the messages are, working with a clairaudient psychic can help you to get a specific and clear answer on what those messages might mean.

People who do work with clairaudient psychics often find that their own hearing is expanded. During a psychic reading people often notice how they are able to hear things, or sense things, that they otherwise wouldn't have noticed. Clairaudients can also help people to develop a stronger sense of their own inner wisdom. When you need to be able to hear your inner voice, but don't know how, a psychic can help you to figure that out.

Receiving Messages

Occasionally, for some clairaudient people, the messages that they hear will come after a signal that a message is about to come through. This could be a specific scent, an image, a random thought, or a noise that alerts them that their guides are trying to communicate. People might also experience a physical pressure on their third eye or at the base of the skull. There could also be a shiver, tingling, or other physical sensation before a message comes through.

Once these cues are recognized people with psychic abilities are able to watch for them and shift their attention to more quickly tap into what messages are trying to come through.

Sometimes a clairaudient psychic will get a clear and understandable message. Other times the message might be muddled, confusing, or difficult to understand. Many psychics will rely on their intuition to deal with the messages that don't have clarity.

Clairaudient's and Sound

Psychics who have clairaudience tend to have sensitivities to sound, much more than other people. They are also likely to have ringing in their ears, which is often a cue that they need to be 'listening' to messages coming through.

Developing Clairaudience

Clairaudience is one of the psychic abilities that most people have and often use; although they might not realize it when it is happening. All people have had moments where they hear an inner warning, get a gut reaction to something, or a warning that there could be danger ahead. Even if you don't have clairaudient skills you can develop them by listening to these messages and following the messages that come from them. The more that you follow the messages the more messages will come to you, because you will be opening up and allowing yourself to tap into what is being said.

You can develop your own skills with clairaudient psychic abilities. There are several simple exercises that you can do to fine tune your hearing, tune you into softer messages, and open yourself up to hearing spirit. If you are worried about being scared by these gifts it is less likely they will come through. Allow yourself to be open, meditate, and listen to messages as they come.


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